Umbrella for Rainy Days

Health is wealth, an umbrella or raincoat helps/protect us to get easily sick

written by: Jay the Stroller on 2018-06-07

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Aside from taking Vitamins and Healthy food, Protection from rain such as umbrella and raincoat prevent us in getting into sickness.

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Here are some stalls that sells different kind of umbrella or raincoat

Divisoria Mall : Stall 1C-15 , Stall 1C-25, Stall 2C-16

Lucky China Mall : Stall A1-41 to 44, Stall A1-51

168 Mall : Stall 1G-12, Stall 1G-23, Stall 1G-47, Stall 1F-31, Stall 1D-17, Stall 1A-34, Stall 1A-46, Stall 1E-42

999 Mall : Stall 1A-14, Stall 1E-16, Stall 1M-10, Stall 1S-10

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