Lucky Charms for Year of the Pig 2019

Stalls that sells Lucky Charms for the Year of Pig 2019

written by: Jay the Stroller on 2019-01-11

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Aside from the usual Chinese shops in Binondo Manila, there are some stalls in DV-Malls that also sells Lucky Charms.

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Divisoria Mall: Stall 1F-33 (No FB)

168 Mall: Stall 1U-12 fb: stones and crystals (

999 Mall:

  1. Pinpin Lee - Bldg1 Stall 1H-01 (fb:
  2. Go Joey - Bldg1 Stall 1S-12 (fb:
  3. Stall Bldg2 Stall 1C-15 (no facebook)

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