Lettuce Types, Benefits and Food Suggestions

Lettuce Vegie Craze! Outside the malls of Divisoria

written by: Jay the Stroller on 2019-01-12

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Lettuce Vegie Craze! Outside the malls of Divisoria you can found alot of vendors selling different kinds of Lettuce Vegetables.

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Different Types of Lettuce:

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Before pa we are already eating Lettuce, we have are very own pinoy lumpiang sariwa or gulay or ubod na nilalagyan ng lettuce together with the lumpia wrapper like this:

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also we are very familiar sa vegetables salad, cesar salad and coleslaw like this:

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But when the Korean Craze came in ayun , now usong uso and tinatangkilik na din natin ang Korean food na Kimchi at Samgyeopsal

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  1. Lettuce holds anti-inflammatory properties. ...
  2. Lettuce has antimicrobial properties. ...
  3. Lettuce can help induce sleep. ...
  4. Lettuce can help control your anxiety. ...
  5. Lettuce has anti-cancer properties. ...
  6. Lettuce can help your eyes and skin beautiful looking.

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