All about Bags! Perfect Gift for Everyone All Year round!

Bags are perfect gift this Christmas and can be use all year round!

written by: Princess the Explorer on 2019-12-01

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Bags are perfect gift this Christmas and can be use all year round! From Babies, to Toddlers, to Students, to Workings Mom/Dad, for Traveling , Family Gathering, for Barakda's Night Out, or to School Camping!
Name it... every where we go travel we have to use a Bag. How small or big it is! We have to bring a bag to all the activities we're going to.

Below are more information about Bags, I hope this could help you guys to be more familiarize in different kinds of bags and their uses.

Types of Lady Bags

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Below are some website that can give us more types of bags and their use

30 Types of Bag You should Own

Different types of bags and their Uses

Different types of Luggage Bags

Different type of Mens Bag

Different type of Lady Hand Bag

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Here are some of the stall that are selling bags

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999 Mall

Stall 1S - 21 =

Stall 1M - 16 =

Jenny Xu =

Stall 1H - 17

Stall 2M - 07 =

Ewan Chua / Stall 1B - 14 to 16 =

Stall 1N -23 to 25 =

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168 Mall

Robin Tan / Stall 1N-07 =

Irene Sy / Stall 2N-18 =

Stall 2P - 01 =

Stall 1N - 27 =

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