Car Toys for Kids

Gift Ideas for Children that makes them happy while giving them good benefits

written by: Jay the Stroller on 2019-12-14

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Advantage of Playing Toy Cars

Toy cars (and trucks) rule. They roll. They race. They crash. They make great booby traps, decent head massagers, and, in a pinch, highly unpredictable street hockey pucks. As it turns out, they also promote kids’ physical and cognitive development.

By forcing children to exercise gross and fine motor skills. In the simplest sense, kids learn to move things around. They see how quickly or slowly the toys roll and learn about what they can do depending on how much pressure they apply. It’s an early lesson in knowing one’s own strength


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Shop that sell Car Toys

Lucky China Town Annex B Toy Store Stall R2 10C =

MinXin Cai =

999 Mall AS Toys : Phase 2 Stall 3D-02 =

168 Mall VM Cheng : Old Bld Stall 2A-02 =

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